Outdoor Art Foundation

For hundreds of years Art has been a part of daily life for cities and towns throughout Europe, outside on fountains and statues, inside on walls and ceilings. People from all over the world come to look at the art year after year after year. The Outdoor Art Foundation believes that art is for everyone and our mission is to install outdoor works of art throughout the city of Carlsbad to enhance the appeal of the city as a cultural center, attract visitors, and provide educational opportunities in art.

The work is to be designed by invited and juried regional artists. It is to be installed on and about private and public walkways and thoroughfares. Our objective is to promote an appreciation and education of art by the public and to stimulate the artistic development of the artists. To accomplish these goals, we will raise monies, select art to be displayed and enlist the co-operation of business and city leaders for placement and maintenance. The goal of the Outdoor Art Foundation is to make Carlsbad a premier outdoor art scene in Southern California.